Taking Charge of Your Love Life DIY Workbook

Taking Charge of Your Love Life DIY Workbook

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I decided to take my fun, self discovery oriented process with monthly challenges and put it into a self guided workbook for people who want to take action. Regardless of your life stage, this program focuses on women over 30 who want to find love.


This workbook is about packaging who you are, in your own style, with your own words and being intentional in getting what you want by shaking up your routine, initiating coordination of efforts and creative challenges.   


If you want to

-Determine your values, your true style and voice

-Attract dream dates and make changes only if, what you have been doing is not working

-Move you and your life forward

-Help coordinate what you’re doing and make sure its worth it


But you struggle with:

-Complaining and comparing

-Putting in the effort and being comfortable

-Telling people what you want

-Taking action to get what you want


Taking Charge of Your Love Life will empower you, bring consistent attention to your dating life, ultimately changing your mentality.


The workbook is designed for single women with 6 self guided lessons with over 20 exercises.

You’ll start to see:

- the power in visioning big dreams for yourself

- the characteristics of your dream partner and the benefits of expansion

- the creative challenges that encourage feedback, reflection and action

- the ways you can share your gifts of knowledge


And you’ll have a greater understanding of the difference between:

- engaging and experimenting within your love life vs. waiting and writing it of

- getting deep with yourself vs. trying to be everything to everyone

Then I’ll show you how to turn those ingredients into a blended vision that includes:

- a goal/destination statement that says what exactly you want

- how-to-date-me and what-you want people to say about you messaging

- the beginnings of a more step-by-step proactive process

- dates and conversations that totally feel like you