There are only a few social people that I hold in highest regard. Rachel Sanford is one of them. If you know her, you are good. If you don’t , you should. I will stay my course because of her.
— James Smyth, GM at Toast, Littleton, CO
Rachel’s energy is infectious, and she wants nothing more than to see her clients succeed. Within a month of working with Rachel in a few different areas of my life, I started to see some serious magic happen that continues to percolate. Rachel was was with me every step of the way making serious shifts that are leading to big results. She has what it takes to actively listen, co-create great ideas and actions, and hold you accountable. Rachel will also celebrate ALL your victories with you along the way. I am so excited to see Rachel help many others. Do yourself a favor and get to know Rachel — you won’t regret it!
— Aubrie Fontanini
Rachel brings humor and lightness to her coaching that keeps conversations flowing easily and naturally. In her presence, it’s clear that she’s genuinely interested in your words and wants nothing more than your success. Her questions helped me paint a clearer picture of my own vision so I could see what needed change to transform it into reality.
— Iris Rankin,