Coaching Athletes

There are thousands of opportunities for female athletes to learn, laugh, compete and grow just by playing sports. What I have observed as a player and now a coach and referee is that elite athletes take ownership of their own development and intentionally embrace a growth mindset. For many athletes, the hardest part of getting good at your sport is constantly repeating and practicing certain skills consistently until you are great. It’s easy to admire skilled athletes and leaders for what they can do on and off the field but what you don’t see is the years of practice, hard work, and mistakes that led to their mastery. If you want to improve your game, your team and or your performance both physically and mentally, you must put in the work, you must take control of your development. When athletes take responsibility for their actions, listen to different perspectives, challenge themselves to try they become the athletes and leaders they want to become. I have created in person workshops for teams to focus on team dynamics and improving communications, a 6 month leadership curriculum for athletes and a book that allows individuals to put it all into practice.